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Our goal is to create a professional technological infrastructure for a new commercial transportation experience in Africa. Powered by envio

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Our Mission

Building technology for commercial mobility in Africa.

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More than a MarketPlace

Mygarage Africa is a digital infrastructure we created to help alleviate the concerns that players in the commercial value chain have in order to keep things running smoothly and profitably.

Our mission is to assist investors in hosting their vehicles on a subscription basis and connecting with certified drivers in their city, as well as allowing fleet operators to automate the entire process of maintaining a fleet of commercial vehicles in Africa, one city at a time.

Tackling Challenges

The commercial transport vehicle leasing sector in Nigeria is one with huge potentials but despite this it remains largely informal, unstructured and uncoordinated; marred by numerous fraudulent activities such as drivers defaulting on remitting agreed fees as at when due or vehicles owners leasing out vehicles that are not roadworthy.

Additionally, we are collaborating with financial partners to boost value added services for all our subscribers to get comprehensive insurance packs, smart gadget, spare parts and other essentials under a buy now pay back later (BNPL) model.


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Make extra cash as an Affiliate

We have a big vision for commercial mobility in Africa, and we're developing a network of affiliates to help us achieve it while also sharing our earnings.

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