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At Motor Africa, we are dedicated to building a strong workforce community that advocates for better welfare for mobility entrepreneurs in Africa.

Did you know that 80% of Africa's population depends on commercial transportation to move passengers and goods to various destinations? Unfortunately, this sector is challenged with problems like deficient access to working capital. That's where we come in!

As a workforce agent, your primary goal will be to promote our opportunity to mobility entrepreneurs in your city who are likely to need our services. We have three categories of workforce: Bolt driver network, merchant partners, and scout partners. Let's see which one fits your profile.

Driver partners.


If you are an active Bolt driver, our Bolt driver network is perfect for you. We collaborate with all active Bolt drivers in each city to attract more host listing cars on lease to verified drivers on the Bolt platform. As a registered driver, you will receive in-car branding materials and will be rewarded with up to N50,000 per week. In addition, drivers registered to this campaign will also enjoy concessions to lease cars on Motor Africa.

Merchant partners.


If you own a store, promoting Motor Africa in your store is a perfect way to unlock working capital for mobility entrepreneurs visiting your store to support their hustle. This is a perfect way to give back to your customers. As a merchant partner, you will receive high-yield commission and the opportunity to join the campaign to lease cars to support the smooth movement of passengers and goods in your city.

Scout partners.


Finally, our scout team is made up of young people who don't hold back in spreading the word about the opportunity that comes with leasing out cars to verified drivers or perhaps driving their own cars while we support them with working capital. As a scout partner, registering to our program will allow you to earn a commission per successful referral.

We will also support you with branded materials you can display in your place of work and likewise on your social media channels.

Join our workforce community today and start your registration now. Within a few days, you will be approved to join the Motor Africa workforce community. Together, let's make a difference in the lives of mobility entrepreneurs in Africa.